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Remove Trojan.Strictor.D2387C From the Windows Computer

Trojan.Strictor.D2387C is a nasty computer threat which can be fatal for the computer system. This virus belongs to the category of Trojan horse. It will severely affect the performance of the computer system. The perilous virus will destroy important files from the core folders of the system. These files are required by the operating system in order to run the system properly. Trojan.Strictor.D2387C also modifies many important files from these folders to make them work according to the virus. It creates a lot of trouble for the user of the infected system. In the absence of these important files, the system starts to crash frequently. Blue screen error becomes very common while using the operating system.

Trojan.Strictor.D2387C carries out numerous operations on the infected computer. These operations are carried out in the background of the system so the user can’t detect them. They carry out illegal actions. These actions are very harmful from the system point of view. These operations consume high CPU resources and result in a slower system. Trojan.Strictor.D2387C also disables many important programs from the system. These programs are designed to help other programs to run properly on the system. Disabling them makes computer useless. The system becomes a box with no functions. The user of the infected system can not do any work on the infected computer. Even using the internet is difficult.

Trojan.Strictor.D2387C also creates a backdoor on the PC which makes it easy for the remote hackers to hack into the computer system. These hackers can be very dangerous for your computer system. Once inside your computer, these hackers can gain full control over your system. They can make changes to the security settings of the computer. For example, they can close the firewall or add programs to the exception list of firewall. Further more they can disable the anti virus program installed on the system. Also, they can download and install more questionable content to your computer. This will make your computer sick. Experts strongly recommend to remove Trojan.Strictor.D2387C as soon as possible from the system.

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