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Remove Ecuadorianreading Extension Completely From the Affected System

Ecuadorianreading Extension is a malicious computer application which hampers the normal functionality of the browsers. This virus falls in the category of adware viruses. It completely destroys the net surfing experience of the user on the computer. Ecuadorianreading Extension is installed forcibly on the computer. Except for the Ecuadorianreading site, there are some other compromised websites which aids in spreading the harmful virus. These sites are loaded with javascript code. When a user visit these sites they are faced with a dialog box which states “Install Extension to Leave” and a tick box which says “Prevent Page From Creating Additional Dialogue”. Selecting either option will install the virus on the computer.

Ecuadorianreading Extension is a very dangerous virus. It is also a new and unique kind of adware which hampers the browsers in a different way. It comes as a chrome extension which is available on the chrome store to download. The application claims to help learning the math in a new and interactive way. However, the application starts to affect the search queries performed on the browser. Ecuadorianreading Extension affects the browser in such a manner that the results are redirected through different sites. Eventually these results will take the user to Yahoo site. However, that is also a fake act. The search results are totally useless and they take the user to irrelevant site from their searching. These sites have nothing to do with the search queries of the user.

There are many other problems which are created by the presence of this vicious virus. It is a very dangerous and harmful computer virus which brings many problems with it self. Ecuadorianreading Extension is capable on keeping a close watch on the activities performed by the user. The virus looks for financial transactions which are performed using the infected browser. It tries to fetch the credit card numbers. The adware also looks for other information like online banking user name and password. This vicious virus is capable of tacking the search queries performed by the user on the browser. These queries are kept in a separate module. The IP address of the sites visited by the user is also recorded by this virus. It is a good idea to remove Ecuadorianreading Extension.

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