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How To Remove A World to Travel Extension From Chrome

A World to Travel is an extension which is listed on chrome web store as a useful application. However, this virus is a Potentially unwanted Application or PUA. It modifies the behavior of browsers application installed on the system. The virus makes changes to the core settings of the browser. A World to Travel alters the home page of the affected browser application. The home page is set to some unknown and irrelevant website. It also changes the default search engine of the infected browser. These changes affect the normal working of browsers. The user experience of net surfing will be completely destroyed. It also kills the precious time of the user of internet by taking them to useless sites.

Viruses like A World to Travel are developed and distributed by a large group of cyber criminals. These people are deeply involved in this development work. They have developed ways in last few years to spread the virus. The virus is distributed via spam emails on the network. These emails are sent in fake name of big brands offering a gift item to the receiver. These emails are also sent in names of local and national banks. A World to Travel is also distributed using bundling methods. In this method, the virus is attached to another genuine program found over the internet. When a user downloads the program and installs using the express installation option, they become a victim of the virus.

A World to Travel is a very dangerous application. It is also capable of keeping a close watch on the activities performed by the user. In other words this malicious virus can spy on the victim of this virus. It records the queries performed on the browsers. The virus is trying to analyze the online behavior and other preferences. For this purpose, the virus also records the IP address of the sites visited by the user. The virus also tries to fetch more information from the computer. The virus tries to figure out the credit card information which is stored in cookies and caches of the browser on the computer. Online banking user name and password are also at the target of this PUA. We strongly recommend to remove A World to Travel from the computer as soon as possible.

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