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Uninstall dcrtr Ransomware Immediately from Infected PC

What is dcrtr Ransomware?

dcrtr Ransomware is regarded as notorious ransomware which is recently in news for performing malicious activities in the system. It uses AES, RSA and SHA ciphers to encrypt all types of files including images, videos, audio, Database files, PDFs etc. After encrypting the files, it will add .dcrtr extension in the file names and makes them completely inaccessible.

dcrtr Ransomware

How dcrtr Ransomware invades in the targeted system?

Mostly, it comes as an attachment with spam emails. Even more, your system can also become compromised when you will visit any unauthorized sites and download free software. Additionally, sharing files on P2P networks and using infected removable devices will also result dangerous for the system.

What are the ill-effects of dcrtr Ransomware?

This threat will create a ransom note on the desktop i.e. ReadMe_Decryptor.txt. This note says that users need to buy the decryption key by paying the ransom amount. It will give you a time limit of 24 hours and asks the users to write a mail on decryptor@cock.li. It also displays that if you make delay in payment then you will lose all the chances of file recovery because key will be erased from the server.

Is the ransom note displayed by dcrtr Ransomware trustworthy?

You should know that it is only a scam of the hackers which should not be trusted by the users. Paying money will not be helpful. It will only help the hackers to grow their business through illegal ways. In reality, it is almost impossible the files which has been encrypted by the ransomware.

How dcrtr Ransomware is harmful for personal identity of the users?

This threat has been designed in such a way which is capable to monitor the online activities of the users. Without your permission or even knowledge, it will record the sensitive details such as bank account number, password, user names, credit card information etc. After gaining the data, it can bypass them to the remote location server.

How can you protect PC from dcrtr Ransomware?

If you really want to protect your system from the worst impacts of ransomware then you need to take immediately action in its permanent removal instead of sending money to the remote hackers.

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