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How to Remove Search.searchmmd.com from Infected PC

What is Search.searchmmd.com?

Search.searchmmd.com is a dubious website that belongs to the Browser Hijacker Family. It looks like a genuine website that claims to improve your web access by providing fast and relevant search results. In fact, this is a fake and questionable website created by cyber criminals with the sole motive for earning big online money by deceiving innocent users.


How Is Search.searchmmd.com Delivered into Your PC?

This is a very risky threat that penetrates into the system with silent mode and executes a lot of harmful actions inside the system that causing damage to the system. It is mainly distributed through a package of free software such as Adobe Reader, flash player, video downloader and PDF makers that are downloaded or installed from infected sites. Therefore, users should pay attention while installing a freeware program and should carefully read their installation guide. It can also be distributed through suspicious downloading, clicking on malicious links, sharing P2P files, freeware, and shareware without your permission.

What type of OS and browsers does it infect?

This can mainly attack all versions of the Windows operating system, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Vista, and others. After compromising your computer, it infects all known browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome Opera and even safari.

How does Search.searchmmd.com work?

Once activated, it completely controls the system and makes the system so strange for users by making several changes, such as DNS configuration, system setup, desktop configuration, home page, search engine, new tab, and other important settings.

How does Search.searchmmd.com affect your security and privacy?

This deceptive threat is able to disable system security and privacy and also inactivates system files and registry entries in Windows. It can also block the firewall, Internet security, and a real anti-virus of the system. In addition, It can open a loophole to invoke another dangerous threat to put the system at high risk.

What Should Be Done in Case of Search.searchmmd.com Virus Infection?

If your system is already infected with this unpleasant threat, it is strongly recommended that remove Search.searchmmd.com as soon as possible to keep the system safe and clean again future infection.

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