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How to remove Win32/TrickBot.AK from the infected PC

Threat Assessment:-

  • Name: Win32/TrickBot.AK
  • Type: Trojan horse
  • Wild Level: High
  • Damaged Level: High
  • Distribution: Global
  • Short Description: Win32/TrickBot.AK virus belongs to Trojan horse family and will able to perform various malicious tasks inside the machine and will also stop further function of the system.


Win32/TrickBot.AK is one of the noxious system infections and is classified as Trojan horse virus. It is specially programmed by the cybercriminals to cheat the innocent user and earn the profitable money. It infiltrates the famous Web browser and embeds the promotional content over the system and causes various browser settings. This malicious threat silently intrudes to the machine without addressing user and causes various damages to the machine. This nasty threat mainly intrudes through various ways such as the bundle of free third-party programs, freeware programs, spam emails, email attachment, peer to peer file sharing, visited suspicious links, download the corrupted software, torrent files, suspicious links and through many other ways. Win32/TrickBot.AK virus will starts redirecting your main browser and modify it with other suspicious websites to promote their lots of annoying ads. It wills tends your system on risk and make it unable to perform any of the tasks inside the machine.

Win32/TrickBot.AK virus once installs to a machine, and then it will start performing various malicious activities inside the machine. After installation, it will first disable your system anti-virus and firewall security. This dubious threat will open a backdoor inside the depth of the machine and allows various other threats to enter it and perform various annoying activities. It will also modify by various settings to the machine such as system security settings, registry settings, control panel, desktop wallpaper, task manager, remote server, DNS settings and many of the other settings. It will completely tend your system on risk and make it not able to perform any reliable task inside the machine. Win32/TrickBot.AK virus will easily slow down your performance and make it not able to work reliably on the system. It will also monitor user online sessions such as browsing history, sharing the file, secret information, banking details and many other. It will share this information with the other to earn the extra profit.

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