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Remove Taskhostw.exe Quickly from Infected PC

What is Taskhostw.exe? I am detecting this file at several location of my system. Initially, i thought that it is an executable file. When i opened the task manager, i detect that it is consuming lots huge space. I tried to delete the file but error message appeared on the screen. Now, i am unable to access my installed antivirus program also. Can anyone help me to remove Taskhostw.exe and its related processes completely from the system? Thank you so much in advance.


Taskhostw.exe may seem like an executable file but it comes under the category of Trojan infection. It can invade in Windows PC without any prior notifications and poses worst impacts on the system efficiency. You will detect Taskhostw.exe at different location of the PC which is difficult to remove manually. This threat is also responsible for increasing the CPU utilizations by generating fake processes in the task manager. It will result to regular crashing or permanent freezing of the operating system. The powerful impacts of the threat will disable the working of updated antivirus and other security tools of the system. You will also notice suspicious codes or payloads in the registry editor which helps the threat to execute after the booting process. Thus, if you have detected Taskhostw.exe in your PC then try to remove it as soon as possible after detection.

The ill-effects of Taskhostw.exe will degrade the running speed of all the basic functions of the system including start up, shut down, opening files, playing games, installing applications, Internet connection etc. Even more it will also corrupt the stored files or documents of the users and makes them inaccessible. This threat will also generate error messages at the time of installing new applications in the PC. Apart from this, it also aims to gather the credential information of the users and secretly bypass them to the remote location server. Moreover, it can allow its creators for unauthorized access of your system, web cam, email id etc. This threat is extremely dangerous for system performance and users identity. So, you need to take immediate action in the removal of Taskhostw.exe from the PC.

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