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How to remove bestprizewinn.com from the infected PC

Threat Assessment:-

  • Name: bestprizewinn.com
  • Type: Browser Hijacker
  • Wild Level: High
  • Damaged Level: High
  • Distribution: Global
  • Short Description: bestprizewinn.com virus belongs to browser hijacker family and will able to freeze up your main browser and cause various damages to the affected machine.


bestprizewinn.com is one of the dangerous redirecting URL with suspicious links that cause browser infection. This dubious threat belongs to browser hijacker family. The sole motive of hacker behind creating this dubious threat is to cheat innocent user and make it profitable. It will mainly attack Windows-based OS and can able to hijack any of the Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and other. This threat silently intrudes to the targeted machine through various ways such as the bundle of free third-party programs, spyware, freeware programs, p2p file sharing, suspicious links, visited pirate sites, download the corrupt file or through many ways. bestprizewinn.com is mainly used to redirect your main browser and monitor your online activities happen to the machine. This threat tends your machine on risk and makes unable to perform any of the reliable tasks.

bestprizewinn.com virus once installs to a machine, will start performing various malicious activities inside the machine. After installation, first, it will disable your system anti-virus and firewall security. It will also freeze up your main browser and also get control over the system main browser. It will also cause various modifications such as default system security settings, registry settings, web pages, search engines, browser history, desktop wallpaper and many others. This threat able to cause various changes in the system and tends it at high risk. bestprizewinn.com redirects your main browser to other default browser and allows their partner sites to access it by showing various pop-ups of ads over the screen. This threat totally disturbs the online session of the user and shows lots of malevolent activities inside the browser. So, it advises fixing the threat soon in your affected machine.

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