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Simple Steps to Remove PTP Ransomware From System

PTP Ransomware is a common version of the HiddenTear code that was uploaded to the Internet in August 2015 as the open source ransomware. PTP Ransomware appeared in cybersecurity reports of August 8, 2018, and appears to be under development. Code snippets that have been extracted from the threat suggest that it was made by hackers of South Korean origin. It is specially designed to encrypt images, audios, videos, PDF, spreadsheet, presentation, text, and others. PC users are highly advised to avoid spam and questionable software updates for Java to minimize the chances of infecting PTP Ransomware. Once it gets activated, it performs a deep scanning of the system in search of files and encrypts them. It uses the combination of AES and RSA Encrypting algorithm to locks the files and adds the ‘.PTPRansomware’ string to the every locked file.

PTP Ransomware

Soon after successfully encryption, it drops a ransom note named as ‘READ_IT.TXT’ in which hackers say that

‘Made by KimApple,
You have been infected with PTP Ransomware
The file was sucked into construction
PTP Ransomware will come back
work hard
The computer has become a fool
Discord: KimApple#1159′

According to the Security Experts, the users should not deal with the hackers and never try to fulfill any demands of the hackers. As there is no any guarantee to unlock all the data even after fulfill all the demands of the hackers. Even worst, they may gather your personal and financial information such as bank details, credit card details, email contacts, IP address and other sensitive details for their evil use. In addition, it blocks all the system security related program such as firewall, internet security, and firewall of the system. Moreover, it can open a backdoor to invites other dangerous threat to put the system at high risk. So it is necessary to remove PTP Ransomware as soon as possible to keep your system safe and clean against future infection. Otherwise, you may suffer from a great financial loss.

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