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Uninstall FunSocialTabSearch Immediately from Infected PC

I am detecting FunSocialTabSearch extension in my Google Chrome. When I launch the browser, it redirects my surfing session to search.funsocialtabsearch.com. This page was looking like a search engine but I know it is fake. Even I am trying hard to uninstall the extension manually but ended up with failure. Is there any effective technique to uninstall FunSocialTabSearch from the PC? How it got installed in my system? How can I protect my system from such hazards in future? Please help me!!!


FunSocialTabSearch is recognized as unreliable extension which is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Usually, it can attach itself with spam emails or free programs to lure in the targeted system and carries ability to make it compromised. FunSocialTabSearch is capable to perform changes in the browser settings and misleads the surfing session of the users to search.funsocialtabsearch.com. Even more, it will provide a search bar and tactics on the users to use it for searching purpose. Once you will enter any query then lots of different results will appear on the screen which will never match your search. It will fill your screen with unwanted pop ups, advertisements, banner ads, contextual links, in-text links etc. It tactics on the users to download the latest version of the software in order to enhance the working experience. FunSocialTabSearch is not legitimate, so try to uninstall it completely from the PC.

The main objective of FunSocialTabSearch is to drive more traffic on the malicious sites of the third parties. Clicking its links will open several new tabs in the web browser which can result to crashing or freezing of the operating system. You will be shocked to know that it provides infected links and when you will proceed to download the programs, it will bring more hazardous threats in the PC even without your consent. It may also stop the users from visiting their favorite or legitimate websites of their choices. Apart from annoying the users during their Internet session, it also posses worst impacts on the personal identity. It is designed in such a way which can secretly track your online activities and record the credential information. It can share your data with the remote hackers and allows them to use in cyber crime activities. Therefore, it is essential to remove FunSocialTabSearch in the early stage after detection.

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