Remove Win32.Trojan.Generic.Akzj Completely from Windows PC

My system is running extremely slower due to the presence of Win32.Trojan.Generic.Akzj in the system. I have tried hard to remove it with my installed anti-virus program but after sometime, the process got interrupted automatically. I have also removed the suspicious processes from task manager, fake entries from registry, wanted files or folders from various location but none of them was useful. Please provide effective solution to remove Win32.Trojan.Generic.Akzj from the PC. All the suggestions will be highly appreciated.


Win32.Trojan.Generic.Akzj is a harmful trojan infection which is capable to affect the system performance severely. It can penetrate in the PC without any prior notifications and carries ability to conduct changes in the default settings including DNS configurations, Host file system, DLL files, privacy settings etc. Win32.Trojan.Generic.Akzj is capable to hide its presence under the internal files which is difficult to detect manually. It can also drop suspicious codes or payloads in the registry editor in order to execute itself automatically when you will boot the system. Moreover, this threat will create lots of unwanted files, folders, shortcuts and icons at various locations of the PC. Due to its worst impacts, your updated anti-virus program will also stop responding and generate error message when you will access it. Hence, we strongly advise the users to take immediate action in the removal of Win32.Trojan.Generic.Akzj completely from the PC.

The geographical distribution of Win32.Trojan.Generic.Akzj is global which has attacked millions of the PC across the world. It is wild in nature which is responsible for disabling the working of various installed programs. Additionally, it carries ability to generate low disk error message when you will attempt to install new applications. What’s worse, it poses worst impacts on the personal identity of the users also. Without your consent, it will keep its eyes on the online habits of the users and collect the sensitive data related to your bank account, password, user names, credit card details etc. Additionally, it is capable to share your collected data with the remote location server which is harmful for your personal identity. Thus, if you don’t want to pay heavy penalty in future then take immediate action in the permanent removal of Win32.Trojan.Generic.Akzj completely from the infected PC.

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